Memphis International Airport (MEM)
Car Parking

(Memphis, Tennessee - TN, USA)

There is one main car parking garage situated at Memphis International Airport (MEM), conveniently located close to the different concourse areas and directly in front of the terminal. An airport shuttle operates free of charge and fully encircles all parking areas, running past the open-air 'Centre Lots' (A - green, B - blue and C - cranberry) and 'West Lot', the Cell Phone Lot and also the Control Tower.

Payment for car parking at Memphis Airport can be made be by either cash (notes and coins) or credit cards (American Express, Discover cards, MasterCard and also Visa). The Memphis Shelby County Airport Authority (MSCAA) has recently conducted a detailed study regarding the terminal parking garage, in an attempt to improve access, which has resulted in the reconstruction of various crosswalks and ramps, at the cost of around US$300,000.


Short-term car parking at Memphis Airport (MEM) is located within the three-level multistory parking garage, on the ground level, near to the passengers walkways labeled A, B and C. The short-term car park is heavily used by drivers intending to simply drop off their passengers and park for a matter of minutes.


Long-term car parking can be found throughout the parking garage, being particularly widespread and well-placed along the south wall of the lower level. There are also additional long-term parking areas situated further from the airport and these are connected by regular courtesy shuttle buses, which operate every day without fail.

Cell Phone

The highly convenient cell phone car park at Memphis Airport is a relatively new addition and is close to the Radisson Hotel. This area is designed for waiting drivers and is limited to a maximum of 30 minutes, at no charge.

Memphis Airport MEM

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